Pizza oven for fire bowl, stainless steel

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Delivery time: Delivered in 3 - 4 weeks free of charge
Warranty: 10 years
Material: stainless steel polished

Width: 46cm
Height: 34cm
Depth: 46cm
Weight: 14kg

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Pizza shovel Weber

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Pizza on the fire bowl made easy

With the high-quality pizza oven from Creasteel you can easily prepare delicious pizzas on your fire bowl. The pizza oven is made entirely of stainless steel and consists of a solid housing with a hinged door including a thermometer. Due to the sturdy construction and the material thickness of 3 millimeters, the product is extremely durable and does not allow heat distortion. Note: Pizza stone is not included in the delivery.

To make a delicious grilled pizza, first place the center ring and the two outer grill plates on the fire bowl and place a suitable pizza stone in the oven (note: pizza stone not included). Before placing the pizza oven on the fire bowl, start a fire in the center ring and wait until the embers have developed. As soon as this is the case, you take with a shovel and pour it into the back of the pizza oven. Now the oven can be placed on the center ring, a center griddle is not needed. After about 30 minutes, the heat has spread inside the enclosure and you can put your topped pizza in the oven. For this we recommend the robust pizza shovel from Weber.
With the built-in thermometer, the temperature can be read and monitored at any time. The heat circulating inside ensures crispy baking results and after only a few minutes you can enjoy a delicious grilled pizza. Buon appetito!
By the way, the pizza oven is also suitable for preparing tarte flambée and other baked goods.

Caution: The housing becomes hot, please always wear heat-resistant gloves when using!


Specifications pizza oven

Width: 46cm, height: 34cm, depth: 46cm, material thickness: 3mm, weight: 14kg

Material notes

Discoloration of the stainless steel material is completely normal when exposed to heat. Temper discoloration is irreversible and cannot be prevented.

Delivery details

The pizza oven will be delivered to your home free of charge by mail.

Compatible fire bowls

This product is compatible with all Creasteel fire bowls compatible.

Payment options

Purchase on account with installment facility, credit card, TWINT, PayPal, prepayment


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