Plant pot with bottom square, stainless steel

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CHF 836.00 - CHF 1'933.00

Delivery time: Delivered free of charge in 3 - 4 weeks
Guarantee: 10 years
Material: Stainless steel

Length/width/height: Customized

The right plant pot for every home
No matter how big your garden, your balcony or your terrace is - our plant pots can be ordered to measure and can therefore be adapted to any environment. Simply select the optimal dimensions for you.

You can find more detailed information about the product below.

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A Swiss plant pot - stable and durable

Creasteel metal plant pots are known for their processing of high-quality materials, as well as for their aesthetics and robustness. The solid metal with a thickness of 5 millimeters is designed for durability and stability. Thus, the products manufactured in Switzerland always meet the highest quality standards and make your garden, balcony or terrace an eye-catcher.

The square stainless steel plant pot has a bottom with openings so that the water can drain off and not accumulate. Due to the flexible selection of length, width and height, your plant pot can be individually adapted to any conditions. From a length of 150 centimeters, the plant pot is additionally reinforced with an integrated brace, thus stability can be guaranteed even with large pots. Please note that above a certain size, a crane may need to be organized for placement. The product is delivered welded in one piece and does not need to be assembled.

Specifications plant pot square stainless steel

Length/width/height: Made to measure, material thickness: 5mm

Material notes

The stainless steel surface is a naturally produced rust. We deliberately avoid products made of corten steel, because its components such as nickel, phosphorus or chromium can be harmful. The appearance of rust is very individual and can change in the course of use. The surface initially discolors, but after some time the rust eats into it and the discoloration diminishes. It should be noted that rust stains may appear on the floor. To prevent this, we recommend using an underlayment as protection, impregnating the stone garden slabs or sealing the granite/marble slabs. Subsequent cleaning is costly and traces of rust residue may remain visible even after cleaning.

The product is delivered to you with an unrusted steel surface. Welding and grinding marks and scratches may be visible. Please note that these are not quality defects. Once the rust layer has fully developed, these features will no longer be visible.
The formation of patina occurs over time while the product is outdoors and exposed to the elements. This natural process can take several weeks to months, depending on the weather conditions. If you want to speed up the rusting process, we recommend spraying the steel surface with a mixture of vinegar and water (1:1 ratio). The first changes to the surface may be visible after just a few hours. The vinegar-water mixture can be sprayed on several times in succession if necessary. Alternatively, a rust accelerator can also be used.

Delivery details Plant pot square stainless steel

The plant pot square will be delivered free of charge and as close as possible to your door. You will be contacted by our carrier before delivery and you can arrange the delivery day with him. On the agreed day, the delivery will arrive between 08:00 and 16:00. Deliveries within a certain time frame are subject to a charge and must be requested separately from Creasteel. separately separately. Please note that the placement in the garden must be organized by yourself.

Procedure in case of damaged goods  

Case 1: Visible damage
The goods are delivered damaged. The damaged buyer must immediately report to the chauffeur any damage event visible to him. The chauffeur shall record a reservation note with countersignature on the delivery bill. The goods can be accepted under this reservation. We ask for a written or telephone notification afterwards, so that we can discuss the further procedure with you.

Case 2: Concealed damage
Damage is discovered subsequently. In such a case, the notification of damage must be made no later than 8 days after the date on which the goods were handed over. Moreover, the goods must not have been installed or used during this period. The damage report must be sent by e-mail to and must contain a detailed description as well as clearly recognizable pictures of the damage. Late notification of damage will result in Creasteel being released from any obligation to compensate.

Payment options

Purchase on account with installment facility, credit card, TWINT, PayPal, prepayment

2 reviews for plant pot with bottom square, stainless steel

  1. Johanna Ebert -

    Very nice plant pot with super quality. We are very satisfied

  2. Erika -

    Very sturdy and looks beautiful!

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