Fire bowl with grill ring small 80, stainless steel

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As of: CHF 2'388.00

Delivery time: Delivered free of charge in 3 - 4 weeks
Guarantee: 10 years
Material: stainless steel, stainless steel grill plates

Diameter: 80cm
Height: 45cm
Weight: 103kg

Your needs - Your fire bowl
Configure your personal Creasteel fire bowl according to your needs. Choose with which grill plates and with which practical grill accessories your fire bowl should be equipped.

You can find more detailed information about the product below.

Product Quantity

Grill plate/grill grate round 80, stainless steel

Grill plate/grill grate round 80, stainless steel

Grill grate

Grill plate center with slit openings round 80, stainless steel

CHF 119.00 Per item

Lid for fire bowl round 80, aluminum

CHF 199.00 Per item

Grill skewers set of 10, stainless steel

CHF 209.00 Per item

Raclette-Pfännli, stainless steel

CHF 99.00 Per item

Grill spatula

CHF 27.06 Per item

Ash shovel, stainless steel

CHF 72.00 Per item
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Creasteel fire bowls - Swiss quality that convinces

The fire bowl with grill ring small 80 from Creasteel is the perfect combination of aesthetic form and practical handling. Thanks to the modular system and the manifold grill accessoriesYour fire bowl offers you countless possibilities of use and can always be adapted to your needs. When buying you decide for a product from Swiss manufacturing with the highest quality. A real eye-catcher in your garden that will give you many years of pleasure.

The grill plates of the Creasteel fire bowls are not connected to the outer shell and can be removed separately or replaced as desired. The fire bowl can be fired with both classic wood and charcoal. An integrated air supply system ensures optimal combustion. The Creasteel grill plates are 10 millimeters thick and therefore do not allow any heat distortion. There is a gap between the grill plates and the outer shell so that liquids drain off the inner wall and are burned in the firebox. The grill plate in the middle The height of the grill plate in the middle can be adjusted by three steps and the middle ring allows you to start a small fire with a small amount of wood. Optimal for grilling in a small group of up to four people. With the inner center ring, the Creasteel grill accessories, for example barbecue skewers or Raclette panscan be used. The center ring is included in the basic equipment and does not need to be ordered separately.
Due to the firebox in the form of a hemisphere, this fire bowl has a particularly elegant and simple effect. Due to its decorative effect, the classic fire bowl enchants any garden or terrace into a stylish environment. With a diameter of 80 centimeters, it is also suitable for a fireplace with little space. With the matching lid made of aluminum, the fire bowl can also be used as a table or storage surface when not in use, for example.

Specifications fire bowl with grill ring small 80

Diameter: 80cm, diameter base: 25cm, height: 45cm, material thickness fire bowl: 5mm, material thickness grill plates: 10mm, weight: 103kg (68kg without grill plates and center ring)

Material notes

Stainless steel surface:
At Creasteel, we only use stainless steel for our products. This is a naturally produced rust. We deliberately avoid products made from Corten steel, as this rust contains heavy metals and can be harmful to the environment under certain circumstances. The appearance of stainless steel is very individual and can change over the course of use, making each fire bowl unique! The surface discolors at first, but after a while the rust eats away and the discoloration is reduced. It should be noted that rust stains may appear on the floor. To prevent this, we recommend using a carpet pad as protection, impregnating the stone garden slabs or sealing the granite/marble slabs. Subsequent cleaning is time-consuming and traces of rust residue may remain visible even after cleaning.

The product is delivered to you with an unrusted steel surface. Welding and grinding marks and scratches may be visible. Please note that these are not quality defects. Once the rust layer has fully developed, these features will no longer be visible.
The formation of patina occurs over time while the product is outdoors and exposed to the elements. This natural process can take several weeks to months, depending on the weather conditions. If you want to speed up the rusting process, we recommend spraying the steel surface with a mixture of vinegar and water (1:1 ratio). The first changes to the surface may be visible after just a few hours. The vinegar-water mixture can be sprayed on several times in succession if necessary. Alternatively, a rust accelerator can also be used.

Stainless steel grill plates:
In contrast to grill plates made of normal steel, stainless steel plates are easier to care for as they do not need to be baked to form a patina. The smooth, protective and stable chrome oxide layer ensures that stainless steel is corrosion-resistant. In concrete terms, this means that the base material is not attacked by environmental influences and food, such as fruit acids, and rust formation is also prevented.
Please note: Discoloration of the stainless steel material is completely normal when exposed to heat. Tempering discoloration is irreversible and cannot be prevented. Traces of burnt-in residue may remain visible even after cleaning.

Care instructions

The fire bowl is weatherproof and can accordingly be used all year round. For irregular use we recommend the matching fire bowl coverto prevent the accumulation of dirt. If necessary, the firebox can be cleaned after removing the grill plates, by means of an ash shovel. ash shovel or hand broom.

You can find the care recommendations for the grill plates in their product description.

Safety note

Please read carefully and observe during use: Operating instructions and safety instructions fire bowls

Delivery details

The fire bowl will be delivered free of charge and as close as possible to your door. You will be contacted by our carrier before delivery and you can arrange the delivery day with him. On the agreed day the delivery will arrive between 08.00 and 16.00 o'clock. Deliveries within a certain time frame are subject to a charge and must be requested separately from Creasteel. separately separately. Please note that the placement in the garden must be organized by yourself.

Procedure in case of damaged goods  

Case 1: Visible damage
The goods are delivered damaged. The damaged buyer must immediately report to the chauffeur any damage event visible to him. The chauffeur shall record a reservation note with countersignature on the delivery bill. The goods can be accepted under this reservation. We ask for a written or telephone notification afterwards, so that we can discuss the further procedure with you.

Case 2: Concealed damage
Damage is discovered subsequently. In such a case, the notification of damage must be made no later than 8 days after the date on which the goods were handed over. Moreover, the goods must not have been installed or used during this period. The damage report must be sent by e-mail to and must contain a detailed description as well as clearly recognizable pictures of the damage. Late notification of damage will result in Creasteel being released from any obligation to compensate.

Suitable accessories for fire bowl with grill ring small 80

Grill plate, Grill plate center with slit openings, Grill grate center, Lid round, Ash shovel, Barbecue skewers set of 10, Holder for barbecue skewers, Raclette-Pfännli, Ash slide, Grill spatula, Raclette holder, windbreak, Pizza oven, Pizza shovel, Damascus knife Xinzuo

Payment options

Purchase on account with installment facility, credit card, TWINT, PayPal, prepayment

4 reviews for Fire bowl with grill ring small 80, stainless steel

  1. Urs -

    Had to wait quite a long time for it, now it is finally here. We simply had too little space for the larger diameter and switched to the 80. Same system and same workmanship. Really makes a lot of fun.

  2. urs -

    Quite sufficient for a 4-person household. Steel plates and skewers purchased. It gives great pleasure especially the children

  3. Denis -

    Nice addition to the garden and replacement for my gas grill. For fast grillers perhaps not quite suitable, since the kindling takes a relatively long time. Results are top after some time

  4. David Schneider -

    The 80 round fire bowl has proven to be a great addition to our garden. It is well made, sturdy and provides a cozy atmosphere. Customer service has been reliable and helpful. !

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